Gio is our newest horse. She is a 10 year old Lipizzan mare. She was donated by Tempel Lipizzans.


Lillie is an 12 year old quarter horse mare. She was donated to the program in 2011 by Scott Golladay and sponsored by Larry & Lucille Ellenberger.  She talks! (Just ask Ally, our rider)


Hershey is a registered quarter horse mare. She was born March 22, 1994. Her registered name is Choc Full of Sonny.  She was purchased for us by the EC Styberg Foundation.  She was previously shown in Western Pleasure. 


Chipper is an Appaloosa gelding.  He is red roan in color and was born on Feb. 5, 1992.  Chipper was a reiner before coming to our program.  He was 2007 Region 6 NARHA therapy horse of the year. 


Capri is a Quarter Horse mare.  She was born on April 30, 1996.  Before coming to us Capri was a broodmare.  She was donated to us by Richie Greenberg.


Cameo is a Morgan chestnut mare. Not only was Cameo named 2000 NARHA Region 6 Therapy Horse of the Year, she has also been on national television!  Our Hollywood "princess" was featured on the show "Miracle Babies" on CBS.  She was born on June 24, 1987. 


Amlet, aka Special Request, was the 2010 NARHA Region 6 Therapy Horse of the Year. She is a dunn Appaloosa mare who was donated to the program by the Jeffry Katz Memorial Fund. Prior to coming to the program, Amlet was used for reining. She was born on January 29, 1994.
 We pick the horses specifically for their riders.  For example, Cameo has extremely smooth gaits so her movement is good for someone who has difficulty with trunk and/or head control.  However, her barrel is wide, so someone who is very tight in their adductors would have problems being on her.


Aristotle is a 20 year old Tennessee Walker. He was donated  by Jennifer Steinbrink. Before coming to us, Jennifer showed him and went on trail rides. Tennessee Walkers are considered gaited horses. Ari doesn’t trot, but does a running walk. Some of our riders call it his zig- zag. It is a lateral movement.

Our Horses